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Commercial Services

Commercial Services

For custom framed works of art and unique pieces that bring a room to life, commercial customers turn to Ocmulgee Arts. We provide commercial services to a diverse clientele and our experience makes us a trusted resource for commercial art procurement.

In addition to working with design projects for businesses and institutions, Ocmulgee Arts creates packages of customized products. For instance, YKK International contracted with Ocmulgee Arts to supply corporate gifts. The gallery commissioned images of historic scenes, secured the original art and the copyright, then designed and published prints and greeting cards for use by the corporation.

We have produced prints, limited edition ornaments, cards, lamps and more.  With each project, we  work with a variety of artists, your desires, and our grasp of the options, timetables, and budgets.

Ocmulgee Arts handles long-term projects. We maintain records of previous selections so all future projects will be coordinated. Our staff brings a unique general knowledge base to each project. Our attention to details mean that protocol and cultural errors never make it into your  presentation. We believe in a quality product presented with respect and flair within your budget to optimize your gift giving.

For more information about our commercial services and corporate gifts, or to find out how Ocmulgee Arts can help you, contact us today!

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